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If you are a sports team, athlete, race car driver, concert promoter, event and festival promoter or other organization, you rely on corporate sponsorship to support your operational budget. Your sponsorship proposal is your most important business document. It must be professionally done and intelligently promote the value you bring to your sponsor's marketing plan. Your proposal must be stunningly attractive and convincing.

DSI can create your sponsorship proposal as a single item or as part of a Customized Document Package. Packages are designed to meet your budgetary requirements.  Each package offers features that accomplish your goals while providing the quality you need for success. Take a look at the menu below and decide on the services you’d like. Then give us a call to place your order: 317-881-3826 or fill out the form and submit it.


Below are the available packages:


Proposal Package #1: Sponsorship proposal single item document. ($895.00)


Available as a document (8 ½ X 11 inches portrait), this document is a stunning mix of graphics and content that will present your opportunity in the best light. We will present your sponsorship opportunities, signage locations and include plenty of benefits in the language that marketers want to hear - with a stress on their marketing goals and bottom-line results. Included is a stunning graphically rendered cover page to catch the reader’s attention. See the images above for examples of some of our documents.


Additional options include:


Powerpoint proposal to accompany sponsorship proposal document: Use the Powerpoint for meetings with the client using audio visual equipment or as a print out. ($250.00 if you purchase the document format)


Proposal Brief: A two-page brochure which summarizes your proposal offer. Use this package for mailings. First send the proposal brief to save on postage and printing, then follow up with a phone call to see which company would like to see the proposal. ($250.00) See the image above for an example of how a Proposal Brief would look.


Web Design: 1-page website for your sponsorship proposal ($350.00) - FREE quote offered for additional pages.


Branding Document: This document is a graphical booklet that discusses an athlete or driver's positive traits as they are reflected in the eyes of the media, press, Internet and fans. ($300.00)


Price for entire package above $1995.00


Price for Sponsorship Proposal Document Only $895.00


You can also mix and match above items if you purchase the Sponsorship Proposal Package at $895.00. Just add the prices listed for other items.



Proposal Package #2: Sponsor Deck – Presentation Format Only $650.00


This package replaces the Sponsorship Proposal Document with a Presentation “sponsor deck” format. This document can be mixed and matched with all of the other document formats mentioned above at the same prices: Powerpoint proposal to accompany sponsorship proposal document: ($250.00), Proposal Brief: ($250.00), Web Design: ($300.00) - FREE quote offered for additional pages and Branding Document: ($300.00)


Additional rates apply for the following options on both options above.


We are producing the absolute best sponsorship proposals anywhere. Considering the price, our service is even more outstanding. Our professional staff writer is experienced in creating business plans, proposals, PowerPoint presentations and other top-level business documents and our graphic designer is one of the best in the field.


Your document will be submitted to you in Adobe Acrobat format .pdf and is created using the latest document creation technologies. To get started on your Sponsorship Proposal today, call 317-881-3826 or fill out the order form below:




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