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Mr. Villegas is one of the premier business plan and sponsorship proposal writers in the world today.  He has created hundreds of business plans and sponsorship proposals for clients all over the world.


•   Started working career at age of 18 at Union Carbide Corporation in Speedway, IN.

•   Inspected brain probes used in brain surgery.

•   Served in Army as Radio Teletype Operator in Korea.

•   Hired at UPS in 1968.

•   Promoted into management in 1979.

•   First Account Executive to visit top UPS customers weekly rather than monthly.

•   Earned college degree at University of State of New York at Albany.

•   First Indiana Major Account Executive with top 100 UPS accounts in pilot program.

•   Program managed the Indiana District’s transition to a computerized call center operation.

•   Special assignment in Europe where he program managed the installation of three automated call centers in Germany and designed

   software for the British, Singapore and Madrid call centers.

•   Back in the states, he was asked to create UPS’ first outbound telemarketing department in the Indiana District, designed the system,

  hired employees, program managed the implementation and managed the department once it was installed.

•   Became the Call Center Manager in the call center facility that he helped to build a few years before.

•   Worked as Indiana District Telecommunications Manager.

•   Originated, designed, and managed UPS Hospitality program at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in conjunction with the Indianapolis 500

   Mile Race.

•   Started New Century Marketing Concepts to create sports marketing company.  Worked with teams and drivers to develop sponsorship

   packages and proposal documents.

•   Wrote “The Science of the Sponsor Search Volumes 1, 2 and 3” and other books and articles on motorsport sponsorship.

•   Worked at PACER International in Delray Beach, FL as telecommunications marketing manager.

•   Worked at Nextera as marketing and technical writer.

•   Added business plan and other document creation services to NCMC services.

•   Developed a partnership with Lee Kirk, a leading website and graphic design artist with over 15 years experience, to enhance DSI's

   business communication services.

•   Created Document Services International (DSI) to help startups and other businesses create their necessary business documents from

   startup to operation.



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