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We do not provide set fees for all projects but prefer to negotiate a suitable fee after reviewing your requirements.


The following guidelines can help you when budgeting your project:


Custom Writing Project Prices



One key market for DSI is the international business person whose second or third language is English.  Finding a competent editor for his or her English writing can be difficult. DSI has worked internationally and is able to convert “broken” English into smooth “proper” English.  We are also familiar with Canadian, British and South African idioms and spellings. All they need to do is send their document to DSI and we will turn it into flowing English to help make the deal.  Price is $25.00 per page.



Ghostwriting a full-length book.  Prices depend upon word count and on the amount of research necessary.  If you are a subject matter expert and you need help compiling your notes into a well-organized book, we can do it for you. Prices range between $5,000 and $20,000 or more.


Ghostwriting articles max. 8,000 words, depending on the amount of research necessary. Price is $250 to $1,000 depending upon the time required to complete the article.



DSI can add sizzle to your document so you can present yourself professionally and competently.  Whether you are working on a sales document or a philosophical treatise, our editor has a broad range of knowledge and experience to help you improve your document and communicate more effectively (In particular, Mr. Villegas will well-versed and knowledgeable of the Objectivist philosophy). Price per thousand words, depending on the standard of the original: $35



Proofreading services help writers check the facts of a given writing or article.  This gives the piece credibility and avoids embarrassment for the writer among peers and associates. Proofreading price per thousand words: $25.



Book reviews or critiques can be written for virtually any book available in the mass market.  Request your review by sending us a copy of the document and your specifications. Book reviews depend on length and subject matter.  Under 100 pages: $500; Every 100 pages over 100: $400.



Article critiques for publication can be done by DSI on any article that is set for publication.  These critiques analyze the arguments made in the article and provide counter arguments and/or reviews of the article.  Price $300



Our highly successful grant services can help in your fund-raising efforts.  We have helped companies obtain Grants from governments, foundations and corporations.  And we do not ask for a commission.  You pay only for the amount of time it takes to do the proposal.  For a quote, give us a call at 317-881-3826. Prices are based upon an estimate after reviewing your grant submission guidelines.



DSI Resumes have been highly successful.  Many of our resume clients come back for updates and additions as they move from one job to the next better paying job. Price $75 for a new resume and $25.00 per page for a revision of an existing resume.



Newsletters are a good way to build morale and communicate your corporate culture to employees and customers.  The result is loyalty and steady business.  Product Sheets can provide valuable information and specifications on your company’s products and services. Price $450 each for an 8-page newsletter and $60 per page for product sheets.



A Corporate Capability Presentation will encapsulate your company’s organization, structure and capabilities.  This presentation can be used in introductory meetings or as a handout so your potential customers learn quickly and easily how your company can help them solve their problems and increase profitability. Quote based on client requirements. $35.00 per page


POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS – content provided by client

A good Powerpoint presentation enables you to communicate ideas via overhead projectors and/or handouts.  They are made up of bullet points graphical elements that enable extemporaneous speech about your topic.  They can be created with your content and enhanced with images, arrows and clipart, even videos and animation. $25.00 per page


POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS – content developed and provided by DSI including consultation with the client. $40.00 per page


Once a fee has been agreed upon, we ask for a non-refundable deposit.  Full payment is made on successful completion of the project.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  We can also operate on a retainer.


Prices are quoted in US dollars.


Payments can be made by check or Credit Card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Paypal.


If you'd like a quote, call us at 317-881-3826.

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