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Lead Development Services

If  you are an active professional race car driver (Indy Car, NASCAR, F1, NHRA) or pro athlete, pro sport team (in any major sport), entertainer, concert promoter of national or international events, our lead development services may help you find sponsorship. DSI can operate as your non-exclusive independent contractor. Our lead development services include:



Here is how our lead development service works:


First, we’ll have a no charge consultation about your sponsorship opportunity and discuss your needs. If you have a sponsorship proposal, we’ll review your document and determine if it is suitable for our efforts. If you don’t have a sponsorship proposal, we’ll offer you a quote for our proposal creation service (or you can check:


Once we have a sponsorship proposal, we can proceed with our lead development strategy. We will send you a contract to spell out how the service will work. Then, we will ask for a retainer for our time and consulting service. We charge $35.00 per hour and our retainer will be $1,000.00 to cover our time and any travel that may be necessary. We will deduct all our contact efforts and consultation from this amount. When the retainer has gotten to a level of $250.00, we will ask you to replenish the retainer to bring it back to $1000.00. If at any time, we determine that the project will not yield the desired results we may terminate the project and refund any unused funds.


If we develop a lead that is interested in talking with you, we will arrange for a conference call between DSI, you and the potential sponsor. By this time, they will have seen your proposal and decided to pursue the possibility of sponsorship with you. Once you and the potential sponsor have arrived at a verbal agreement to proceed, we will turn the lead over to you and your lawyer for closing. You agree to pay DSI a 15% commission applied to all dollar payments from this sponsor for the next three years.


As long as your retainer is in place, we are still available for consultation at the same rate of $35.00 per hour if you desire. Canceling your retainer does not release you from paying commissions on successful sponsorships we initiate for you. You are required to notify us and pay all due commissions if any such sponsor signs an agreement with you after we have turned it over to you.


If you have a sponsorship proposal, please send it to so we can review it and develop a plan for you. If you’d like to chat over the phone, call us at 317-881-3826 for a phone consultation and to discuss the parameters of our service.


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