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DSI Kindle and Print on Demand Publishing Services

The world of publishing has changed forever. New digital technologies have made book publishing and distribution virtually immediate. Authors can now have their books formatted and submitted for production virtually overnight. The world of immediate availability and immediate royalties has become a reality.


Yet, you need not worry over the process of ensuring your book is ready for Kindle and Print on Demand. As an experienced book publisher, you can rely on DSI to get your book ready for Kindle publishing and Create Space production and distribution.


Kindle and Create Space are the Amazon-owned business units that can get your book on their systems in a matter of days.


DSI can provide the following services:



We take most major credit cards for these services.


Just think about it; you can be earning royalties on your books in a matter of days.


If you’d like to obtain a specific quote for our formatting and publishing services, please contact us at 317-881-3826.

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