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Business Plans

A Great Business Plan means a great start for your business.


DSI will take the worry out of creating your business plan.  You can put your best foot forward and impress investors with a plan that is thorough and complete. From our headquarters in Greenwood, IN, we have created hundreds of documents for business startups in the USA and Canada. And, our prices will help you make efficient use of your business investment dollars.


We can create a business plan that will professionally present your opportunities to the business world in the best possible way.


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(Please note:  If you already have a business plan and need it updated or rewritten, please call 317-881-3826)


Need your business plan right away? Your Business Plan document can be delivered in 1 week as a QuikDoc. Price is $750.00 in addition to the price of the document.  Normal delivery of the preliminary is 3 to 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the plan.

Questionnaire Input


Below you will find the questions which will make up the questions we would like to have answered. Please look over these questions and use them as guides when planning your business plan.


Once you sign up for your business plan and make your payment, we will send you an MS Word document which contains these questions via email attachment so you can insert your answers into the questionnaire. In addition, we will use some financial spreadsheets to help you develop your financials. These worksheets will help you identify the future revenues and expenses of your business. We will help you if you have any questions or need any assistance in coming up with these numbers.


We will work with you throughout the process and use your information to create a dynamic and first-rate business plan.


If you would like to get started right away on your business plan, call us at 317-881-3826 or order your business plan below.



Phone Interview


If you would prefer to go over the questionnaire over the phone, we can conduct a phone interview. Please set aside at least two hours for the discussion and have all your notes handy that you've put together while planning your business. We’ll go through the questionnaire with you over the phone and transcribe your answers. Once we have a basic idea of your business goals and philosophy, we will create your plan.


The phone interview option costs an additional $100.00 above the basic cost and will be added to the down payment.



Once you’ve made your payment, don’t forget to fill out the information form below so you have a chance to request additional information and get the process started.



DSI Business Plan Questionnaire


Your business plan is an important document. Only you know your business. It is important that you give a great deal of thought to each answer and that you look over it completely before you answer any questions. We would suggest that you print out this page so you can refer to it as you answer the questions. If you want to make the process easier, it would be a good idea for you to type out your answers in a word processor to save you time later.


1.  Give a description of your business. What will the business do? What kind of business will it be? What will you sell? What will make you unique? Is it a sole proprietorship, a corporation or an LLC? Give a brief description of the founders of the business and their expertise. Describe your target audience.


2.  Describe your product or service. What is unique about it? Tell us about the key end user benefits?


3.  Have you researched the industry? Competition? What kind of research have you conducted (on line, focus group) If you’d like for us to review any websites please paste the web links below:


4. What is your company’ Mission Statement? A Mission Statement is a statement of what your company does in essential terms. What are the strengths of the company? What is your Vision for the company? In other words, where will you be in five years?


5.  Why are you starting the business? What qualifications do you have that will make you successful?


6.  What are your company's strengths?


SWOT Analysis


7. We’re going to include a SWOT Analysis on your company which shows investors how you will handle treats, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. What do you consider to be the biggest threats to your company’s success and how will you address them to become successful? These could include regulations, competition, market position, need for training, etc.


 8.  What are the weaknesses in your company?  These could be anything such as lack of experience, need of accounting help, need to advertise, even the need for funding. How will you address these weaknesses?


 9. What are the opportunities the company would like to exploit. These include all opportunities you have discovered while deciding to create the business. This could be the emergence of new technologies, relaxed regulations, a special relationship/s you might have that will bring business to you and a new skill you have developed that few others have. Also, specify how you will take advantage of these opportunities and why you are perfectly positioned to take advantage of them.


10.  What are the main threats to your business? It is important here that you be as honest as possible. It will earn you points and show that you have a clear mind about your business. Make sure that each threat is accompanied by your strategy for dealing with it.


11. If you were to make a two minute sales pitch about why people should invest in your business, what would you say?


12.  If this is a Leadership Grants proposal (Canada), how much money are you requesting from Leadership Grant Organization? Will you be matching the funds you request?


13.  How much of your budget will go towards marketing and gaining new customers? What percentage does this represent of your total budget?


14. Please describe your marketing and promotional plans. What are your key target markets and what forms of advertising will you use to attract them? What are your key geographical markets and how will you inform them of your company’s products and services?


15.  If your company has vendor agreements or franchise relationships with other companies, please provide the names of these company, and the nature of these relationships. If you have website address we can visit, please provide the weblinks.


16.  Where will your business be located? Is it near your target market? Tell me about access; is it near a well-travelled road? Do you rent or own? Do you have multiple locations?


17.  Let us know about your pricing strategy for your products or services. What is your profit margin (the difference between your average charge and the average cost)?


18.  Once you sign up for your business plan, we will send you a worksheet that will enable you to present your financial projections.


19.  What is your strategy for growth for the first three years? How will you accomplish this rate of growth? Be specific.


20.  List your key management team and their background and qualifications. List the specific qualifications and educational background that will benefit the company. In particular mention which of them as co-owners and/or involved in a profit sharing plan. How long have each of them been working in their field?


21.  Do you have a website and what is your URL? Describe your Social marketing strategy.


22.  What is your exit strategy for the business?




Additionally, you’ll want to fill out the form below and make your payment.

Payment Options – Single Business Plan $1500

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½ Payment Down (non-refundable) $750.00

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Full Payment with 5% discount $1425.00

Payment Options – Business Starter Package $1750

Payment Option 1


½ Payment Down (non-refundable) $875.00

½ Payment with final $875.00

Payment Option 2


Full payment with 5% discount $1662.50

Payment Options – Executive Package $2450.00

Payment Option 1


½ Payment Down (non-refundable) $1225.00

½ Payment with final $1225.00

Payment Option 2


Full payment with 5% discount $2450.00

Please note: all sales are final. All work is guaranteed. We will work with you until you are satisfied.




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