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For ZERO TOUCH document design and printing, outsource your document design, brochure design, book (formatting and publishing through Kindle and Amazon), website design and hosting, business card design and printing, sponsorship proposal and business plan creation.


We’ll also coordinate all printing through Vista Print for you.


Top quality professional design, content creation and graphic design done remotely by one of the best document design companies in the world.



DSI does creative document work for Sport, Entertainment and Event Managers, Concert Promoters, Sport Teams, Athletes and Celebrities as well as Entrepreneurs.


Case Studies:


  • An event manager is constantly meeting potential sponsors for her events. Whenever she needs a new proposal, letter or brochure, she calls DSI, tells us what she needs and we get to work.

  • A professional fisherman has a meeting with a potential sponsor. He calls DSI and asks for edits to his generic document. We make the edits, insert new graphics as needed and send him the updated document in time for his meeting.

  • A concert promoter wants to book top talent for an upcoming concert but he needs to convince the artist that he is a first-rate promoter who can deliver sponsors and an audience. He calls DSI and we create a brochure that he can show to the artist. We also create a PowerPoint presentation that will show potential sponsors that he can deliver the artist.

  • An entrepreneur has put together a business plan for a multi-million-dollar fund-raising effort for his new energy business. He calls DSI and we review the business plan, proof-read it and double check the numbers. We present him with a full business plan and the necessary charts and graphs that he needs for his business plan.

  • A private fund-raiser has been asked to lure sponsors for a local Boys/Girls Club to help fund new programs for local children. He calls DSI and we create an inexpensive sponsorship proposal to present to local businesses.

  • A technology manager is seeking a new job. He sends us his resume and we update it with his recent positions and insert powerful action words so the potential employer sees the engineer’s true value.


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